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Play mini games to unlock rooms to an abandoned home. But things suddenly get uneasy as you see danger in every corner. 

The first TREPIDATION was for sure my most popular game, yet it was the most hated as well. I wanted to give it updates, but I had enough of that game for a while.  As  time  went on I wanted to get back on TREPIDATION but it was obviously a messed up and rushed game.  So I started fresh with a sequel. This in my opinion is a huge improvement from the first and really is a Redemption. But whats your opinion? 


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Thank you so much for the experience! Here's my playthrough, if anybody's interested: 

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This short little horror is certainly interesting , it has good atmospheric noises and some great scares that definitely catch you off guard , despite the lack of story ... the journey is an enjoyable one .

  In the future maybe, there could be a story of how you ended up in the abandoned home and also add some actual "mini games" ...maybe the mini games could be what got you in this mess to begin with (for example you downloaded a mini game that had a virus attached and infected the laptop and it causes the user to experience nightmares like no other)

There was a minor issue that you can click outside the game window which detracts from the experience but overall a neat and unique playthrough. This game is the second one in my 3 short scary games compilation  (around the 6 min mark)


It was a massive update and upgrade from your previous game.!

First off, the graphics was really good compared to the last one. It really looked good and also had a spooky vibe too it. I would say it looked a tad bit too clean, but that's just me. Maybe having it a little gritty looking might have made it a little spooky and mysterious. Other than that, the darkness was really good and it made things very jumpy and spooky as the player could not see very far and had to use their imagination to guess what might happen.

And the game was a lot more coherent than the last one. It was a lot more up face in what the player must do. I think it was because the laptops had that bright green light and looked out of place from the rest of the environment. And compared to last game, I think the 'puzzles' were a lot more apparent and made more sense. 

The PT style puzzles were good. The ones that stand out to me was the cave (the first) and the house (last one I think). I'm not quite sure if the cave was changing as the player explores it. But it was cool to find out that when you go back to where the player comes from that there is a flood light and things are different. 

My one suggestion is to make the caves a lot more linear as there were a lot of cracks and crevasses and they made the exploration a little confusing as there was a lot of things to see and find out. And compared to the rest of the 'puzzles', this was the most non linear of them all and took the longest to complete because it wasn't as apparent as the other ones to complete.

The other puzzles were also good. The house one I personally enjoyed the most as it seemed to be the most well made and refined one and it was a lot more PT styled than the rest of them.

I don't know if there was something chasing the player as they explored the puzzles, but I heard sounds at random times and got super spooked. If that was the case, then well done as the sounds were very subtle but enough to be caught on. 

The second puzzle was very linear and wasn't as scary (though I thought something was chasing me and I got scared near the end). I feel like it was because there was a huge open space and that the laptop that the player had to get to was visible from the start itself and there was no sense of danger at all.

Other than all of that, I think that the jump scares were well made! They were placed in the right places and scared me a lot! Though the reason I found it scary was not because the jump scares were actually scary, it was because they were super loud and there was no sign to expect the jump scares at all. So the randomness and the loudness are what made them scary.

And that comes to my last two suggestions. The jump scares didn't have a good build up. I would suggest maybe make the monster chase the player through the house or maybe chase them through the cave and the second puzzle's cavern. Put a sense of danger that the players must face in order for them to be scared and expect more scares. And then build up the jump scares through the music or by making them expect scares by previous scares that they experienced in the same area. Screwing with the players' expectations will heighten the scares as well as their effectiveness. 

But yeah, it was a great game overall and you did a great job on it. 

It was quite a lot scarier, and you're heading in the right direction for this game! It looked great and was really fun to play and experience! Trepidation has a really good concept and would love to see more of it if you do decide to improve and update this series. Good luck for the future!

thanks a lot for the info. I’m planning on maybe developing a third that will be much longer, and story rich, that will explain the lore. I’m going to try and implement your suggestions. Thank you.


I downloaded this because it says it's available for linux, but all I get is a zip file with a Windows executable. How do I run this on Linux? Thanks

It was really short and there wasn't any storyline but the graphics was good keep it up. 


To be honest, this game was confusing as heck but damn... did the jump scares get me, like BIIIG TIME,nearly got a heart attack at the end there


Had no clue what I was doing but scared me bad.


Ok, I did not play the previous version of this game. So I started with your redemption version. I have no idea whats going on...no backstory, no goal, no logic. I don't know why we are jumping into laptops. The environment is unique and somewhat creepy. The jumpscares are nice but the first one appears off centered so I didn't know what I saw. I say keep at it and continue to improve. 


I played the first one a while back and you did an awesome job on this one compared to the last one. I put this in my 3 scary games and it's the 2nd game. Keep up the good work bro your definitely improving!


The simple puzzles were a nice touch with creepy atmosphere, but my god that jumpscare was so loud lol  


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hey, this game has dang jumpscares! never played the first one, but i will play that.

I see the mouse cursor

It looks creepy but I don't really get it. I think I somehow missed all of the mini games because I just ran from computer to computer and saw a couple jump scares.


Nice game! I like the ideas of going through different mini games to proceed further in the story, I did have an issue with the mouse going off to my second monitor. I'm not sure if it was something on the games end, or if it was something I did wrong. Overall though I think this game did very well! Jumpscares got me good as well. XD

Thanks for the input. I'll get my second monitor and see if the problem happens to me as well. Then try and fix it. 


Well this game almost ended me thanks for that dev haha:


Very well done! I havent had jumpscares like this in a while!! 

here's my gameplay :D thanks for the sub and support and for sharing your game creation as well.


Amazing game dev :D