A downloadable Horror Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Silence In The Cabin" is an Open Map Survival Horror Game, where you must survive Dark linear story sections in order to unlock more areas of the world.  With gameplay heavily inspired by "Resident Evil 7" and a tone more similar to "P.T." and "Silent Hill". Silence In The Cabin aims to be one Heck of a Horror Experience.

Keep in mind, this Version is a pre-release (DEMO) 

Dev Note: 

The Zip was too large for Itch.io. That's why they make you download from Google Drive.  

Made With Unity

May require High end PC to play without frame drop 



Install instructions

Download from Google drive and unpack the zip File 


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This is a very well done demo! It looks great, the setting is awesome plus cool atmosphere. Defo would check the full version out. Congrats!


Brilliant visuals, great job :)


Comments below clip:

Thanks for making this game. I loved the setting and texturing. The atmo made me feel cold. But for most of the time, I felt like walking in the woods, without having a horror experience. It did come, at the end [based upon the way I played this game], but as this is a Demo, you might want to consider to insert more horror/freight into the opening scenes. Either visually, or through the use of soundscapes. I think the feeling of not being alone in those woods enhances the tightness you want to achieve throughout this game.

Needless to say, just my opinion, and thank you for the time and effort you put into making 'Silence in the Cabin.'


Hey Redrock, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Silence in the Cabin to Mobile Platforms in the Future?


Hello Redrock Game Studios, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:


Silence In The Cabin (Demo) - Walkthrough Gameplay (SHORT HORROR GAME)


The game's interesting. But I would suggest making movement independent from where the player's looking. Other then that, not a bad demo.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


love your game great work  reminds me of resident evil

Problem Fixed! you can now download the game with no problems (:


About how long is this demo if I may ask?


Btw the zipped folder on google drive seems to be empty...

Thanks for letting me know! Sorry for the inconvenience, I've been having some problems with Drive.

About 10-15 min max